Why Wild Bills Is The Best

When you want the best of both worlds, ‘Fast’ and ‘Healthy’ there is only one place in town to come. Wild Bills cooks all their food fresh as you order so you get hot, freshly cooked food customised to your personal liking. If you like good, fresh food then come to Wild Bills today and choose from our wide selection of Subs and Burgers. It’s the best food in town (in our opinion).

Why Our Customers Love Us

I love the range Bills Subs has on offer.  While my husband gets his meat fix, I can still enjoy a beautiful chicken salad and there is a great range for the kids.  It’s always a hit when we come to Bills Subs.


I was blown away the first time I came to Wild Bills and saw them cooking my sub directly on the hot plate.  It was so quick, hot and fresh.  I can’t stop coming back.


The Steakbomb has to be the best hot meat food in town.  It’s full of flavour, filling and not too expensive.  Honestly, if you haven’t tried one today, and you love fresh hot meat, then you have got to get one.


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